Open ERP System

Earlier when industry has started using the software to automate its process DOS Based ERP was used which was command operated and was very popular. With the advent of Windows and graphics ease of operation is the key to operate the software system. Need for the software was to integrate various departments and hence ensure smooth functioning of companies operation which in turn improves the efficiency.

Currently with the best possible development in internet and other technologies more usage of online ERP become very popular. Companies having operations, offices and stakes at multiple locations found Online ERP software more comfortable. No need to be present at specific location to study the reports which can be viewed anywhere anytime. Our online ERP solutions are truly based on client requirement. It covers clients existing needs and also forecast the needs for future growth. It uses technology which is latest in nature and is found easy to operate. Report structure of Software is the key and hence we design the software by keeping the clients objective for the report. Atlas provides complete front and back end support to the client till they are fully familiar with the software. Contact Atlas Technical team to know more about Online ERP solutions.